Boss the Lotto!

There are 43 good balls and only 6 bad. Pick good 6 balls to double your money and then keep on picking to win more. Careful to avoid the 6 bad balls though… and remember you can cash out at any time.

Boss the Lotto

To play Boss the Lotto, simply begin picking balls. You can touch each ball individually, or you can swipe multiple balls at a time. Good balls will reveal cash symbols.

Once you have selected 6 good balls, the ‘cash out’ button is enabled. You can choose to cash out with double your stake or keep playing.

From this point on, you will be able to cash out after each good ball you select.

There are 6 ‘black’ balls. Selecting one of these will end the game and lose your existing prize.

  • Before you start, decide how much you're willing to bet. The higher your bet, the more money you can win.
  • The jackpot shows the maximum amount to be won for that bet.
  • The board consists of 49 balls – 43 are ‘good’ and 6 are bad.
  • When a ball is clicked, the RNG will determine whether the ball is good or bad.
  • The ball will revolve – if the ball is good, a revolving currency sign will appear.
  • If the ball is bad, a black ball will be revealed. At the same time the panel at the top will reveal which 6 balls were ‘bad’.
  • Once the player has chosen at least 6 good balls, the cash out button will flash. The player can choose to cash out by pressing it or to continue playing by selecting further balls.
  • After each good ball is selected the player can choose to cash out or continue.
  • To win the jackpot, the player must select all good balls without selecting any bad ones up to the maximum jackpot.


  • Occasionally the jackpot may be capped to a certain amount. This figure will be shown as the ‘Jackpot’.
  • After selecting the maximum number of balls up to the capped amount, the game will automatically publish and award the win

Average Payout

  • Boss the Lotto is a chance based game where the outcome is NOT pre-determined. This means that the players choices are meaningful within the context of the RNG calculating the odds of a given ball being good or bad.
  • The player chooses whether to cash out or not at each ball choice after the first 6 balls have been selected.
  • The theoretical RTP is thus calculated on the premise that a player is equally likely to cash out or continue after each ball selection.