The Spanish Lotto - El Gordo De La Primitiva Online

El Gordo Primitiva

Go Loco For Spain's Weekly Lottery!

Sundays are sacred in Spain, as millions await the draw of the Spanish lotto. The Spanish do enjoy their siestas – but they're never caught snoozing when it's time to play their national lottery! Spaniards go loco for El Gordo De La Primitiva. And with guaranteed jackpots of €5 million or more, plus other fat cash prizes to be won, you'll soon see why.

The Multimillion Euro Fiesta

The weekly drawing of the Spanish Lotto, El Gordo De La Primitiva (not to be confused with the annual Summer and Christmas El Gordo lotteries) is held each Sunday in Madrid at 8:30pm Irish time. What better way to wrap up your weekend than a lottery win? Imagine ringing your boss Monday morning to say you won't be coming in because you've won El Gordo!

Pick Six To Get Rich!

El Gordo De La Primitiva is Spain's most popular lotto because it offers tons of big wins and is cheap and easy to play. Simply pick five regular numbers from 1 to 54 plus an additional SuperBall bonus number from 0 to 9 inclusive.

Spain's weekly lotto boasts jackpots of €5 million or more. There are nine prize tiers in total, giving you plenty of chances to win. Best of all, at just €1.50 a ticket, playing the Spanish Lottery doesn't costa lot either!

Get Money Back With The Bonus Number – No Bull!

The Spanish Lottery SuperBall has a special significance not found in other lotteries – picking it correctly means you get back the price of your ticket! In other words, whatever else happens, you always have a one in ten chance of playing for free – Ole!

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