07 November 2016

Election? Who Cares! Here's The REAL News!

298 Million Reasons To Love America This Week

They still going on about that election? How long has it been now? 900 years? Seems like it. And seems like there's no getting away from it either. That's why we're taking the lead, changing the message and reaching across the aisles with a non-partisan message of hope; because if there's one thing EVERYONE can agree on it's this – winning a €298 million lottery jackpot would be a sweet victory indeed!


So switch off the news, it's old news, the same ole story stetched out 24 hours a day. But there's another big story in America this week that's more important. And as always we've got the inside scoop.

298 Million Reasons To Love America This Week

Just one more day before they they finally slam the brakes on America's electoral trainwreck, and what a gruesome trainwreck it has been. We all wish we could turn our heads away but the morbid allure is too much to resit.  

Even if you're the type who tends to tune politics out (and who can blame you?) you can't help but watch aghast. This election's got more bitterness than ten EastEnders Christmas specials and more juvenile ugliness than an entire season of Jerry Springer. It's reality TV at its worst, must-watch TV at its best.

And we simply have to find out what happens in the next episode...

They Go Low, We Go High…

But America's got a silver lining this week, a massive PowerBall jackpot, estimated at $236 million, or approximately €213 million.

Hardly a low jackpot value, but we're going to go higher, inflating the jackpot to €298 million!

That's an extra €85 million just thrown on there because that's what we like to do – boost the jackpots of some of our biggest lotteries to make them even BIGGER!

How do you like that, America? We're beating you at your own game!

Have You Got A Winning Temperament?

The Donald says he does, but the jury's still out. And besides, who cares?

What's more important is do you have a winning temperament? That's what you need to ask yourself.

Is a mere €3.50 is too much to risk for a chance to win €298 million? Surely not!

That's less than the price of that kebab you had last Friday. And do you really want to repeat that? It repeated enough on you already surely! And it tasted bad enough the first time.

Ok, so that's me describing my kebab last week, but that's not the point. We've all been there, we all know that taste. 

Now compare that taste with the sweet, sweet taste of success. There's no comparison is there? €298 million – it's enough to make even dear old Donald blush!

So get up, get involved, have your say, make a difference – and cast your vote for America's PowerBall!