10 July 2015

Higher Jackpot Odds – Lower Overall Odds

PowerBall Number Increase For October 2015

Big news from the US as the organizers of the multi-state mammoth PowerBall announce a major overhaul of the game. PowerBall is one of the biggest lotteries in the world, responsible for six out of ten of the top highest jackpots of all time. Many of these have exceeded the half a billion mark, the highest of which was worth $590.5 million, or €533.9 million! These new changes will make it even tougher to win such jackpots in the future – though, with more frequent rollovers they'll also increase their size considerably.

PowerBall Number Increase For October 2015

What Is PowerBall?

PowerBall is a massively popular American lottery responsible for some of the world's all-time biggest lottery jackpots. It has directly inspired other games throughout the world including other PowerBall branded lotteries in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the UK's Thunderball lottery.

PowerBall is played in 36 states in America and more recently we've made the game available to play on this side of the Atlantic. Though still relatively unknown here its popularity is growing slowly, bolstered by regular stories of massive American lottery jackpots appearing more frequently in the news.

What Are The New PowerBall Changes?

If you're already an existing PowerBall player looking to know what the big changes are, here's a brief breakdown of what you need to know:

  • The amount of playable numbers will increase by ten, from the current 59 numbers to 69
  • Conversely the supplementary PowerBall numbers will be decreased from the current 35 numbers to just 26
  • The result will be an increase in the jackpot odds from the current 175,223,510:1 to 292,201,338:1
  • Your overall odds of winning a prize, however, will decrease from 32:1 currently to an improved 25:1
  • The minimum tier three prize value will also be changed, increasing from the current value of $10,000 to $50,000 (approx. €46,251)
  • The odds of winning the lowest tier prize will also improve from the current 111:1 to 92:1

Finally, it should be noted that these new changes will not take effect until later this year – Wednesday 7th October 2015.

Why The Changes?

One could draw plenty of comparisons with the recently announced changes from Camelot, who also want to increase the number of balls (and with it the odds against winning the jackpot) in the UK National Lottery this October.

The reason cited was a drop in sales, which is partially due to their decision to double ticket prices. In our experience we've seen that people tend to ignore the odds against them and instead focus wholly on the size of the jackpots.

So, both Camelot and Powerball are gambling that, by increasing the jackpot sizes, they'll attract more players, while also minimising their financial risk at the upper prize levels. They're also both strongly emphasising that there will now be more chances to win smaller prizes though, as we've said, what lottery players care the most about are the jackpots. So whether the Powerball backlash will be anything like that seen in the UK remains to be seen.

PowerBall 2.0 Vs. MegaMillions

Powerball have another reason for changing the format – they're not the only big player in town. Although they might have the lion's share of the world's biggest jackpots, the top two spots go to their rival MegaMillions.

Once upon a time it was PowerBall that enjoyed that position, and so they're eager to regain those top podium spots – and this move could well help them achieve this.

So, how will the new PowerBall stack up against MegaMillions?

PowerBall Number Increase For October 2015

Well as you can see the changes will increase the jackpot odds so they're even higher than MegaMillions. This point is key, and from our vantage point it does indeed appear as though PowerBall are indeed making a power play, no pun intended, to try unseat their long-term rivals by offering bigger jackpots. 

These changes are still several months away, however. In the meantime you can still play for lower odds but still win massive jackpots by playing PowerBall right now. This coming Sunday's jackpot is worth a colossal €45 million – so seize the day and feel the power!