07 November 2016

Earned Honestly?

The Fabulous Wealth Of Politicians

While politicians like to go to great lengths to pretend they're just ordinary people, run of the mill West Ham (or is it Aston Villa?) fans, they earn salaries that most of us can only dream about. Plus, being in a position of power opens doors to big salaries, in-the-know money making ventures, and, of course, writing off unusual luxury goods as expenses. I mean, we'd all like our moat cleaned courtesy of the tax payers (no joke, one British MP actually claimed moat cleaning as an expense!) - it's better than ending up in the ditch! So join us as we dive into the increasingly mad world of politicians to find out who can afford the most lavish Bunga Bunga parties, the most monogrammed Skyscrapers and the best private email server.

The Fabulous Wealth Of Politicians

Politicans are a slippery bunch, no doubt, and despite their endless appeals to "the common man" they never seem to be short of a few quid, whereas we're always left feeling the pinch. But just how much money do they have? Well, we've done some digging to find out. Click on the video below or check out our groovy infographic underneath where the outrageous wealth of politicans is finally revealed! 

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World's richest politicians