Big Money Slingo

Ready, Set, Go! Try your luck with Big Money Slingo! Visit six different locations, make Slingos and see if you can win BIG!

Big Money Slingo

Spin your 5 reels and create lines with this exciting cross between slots and bingo. Pick your favourite location out of Jokers Hamlet, Golden Fields, Royal Forest, Smugglers Cove, Diamond Peak and Lucky Gulch and get spinning! Joker is on hand to help you with free squares at the beginning of the game and you can even earn extra spins!

How to play

Pressing the ‘Start’ button places up to 4 jokers on the game board. The reels will spin and display one of the symbols below:

  • Number - Numbers landing on the reel will mark corresponding number in the grid
  • Free spin - Free spin symbols award an additional spin
  • You have 6 spins (excluding free spins that may be won)

    • A win is achieved by:

      • Filling a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on the game board. You win the prize shown for that line.