Party Beach

The Towns That Won The Lottery

El Gordo Winners

02 December 2016 - Meet the villages and towns that won big on the world famous Spanish Christmas Lottery draw.
Hong Kong

Get A Taste Of The Orient

Mark Six - Hong Kong's Favourite Lotto

01 December 2016 - Lottoland has added another amazing lottery to our roster - Mark Six. Discover everything you need to know about Hong Kong's favourite lottery.
Double Jackpot - only at Lottoland!

Bigger Jackpots, On Your Terms

Double Jackpots

28 November 2016 - Dreaming of a super-sized jackpot? Tired of waiting around for Special Jackpots? If so, we have something perfect for you to. Find out more about Lottoland's Double Jackpots here.
Retro Mobile

From Bricks To BlackBerrys and Beyond!

The Evolution Of The Mobile Phone

25 November 2016 - Ever wondered who created the first mobile phone, or what the first ever text said? Discover all with our great animated history of the mobile phone.

It's Not All Doom & Gloom

Ten Things To Be Thankful For Today

24 November 2016 - Had enough of all the doom and gloom lately? Let's have some good news! In the spirit of America's famous holiday here's ten reasons to be thankful today!…more

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, In November!

Is "Christmas Creep" Getting Out of Control?

22 November 2016 - Have you heard jingle bells yet? Seen the decorations? Checked the calendar? What's going on?! Whatever happened to having Christmas at Christmas?…more

And The Winner Of The Sappiest Christmas Ad Is…

Have Your Tissues Ready – It's El Gordo Season!

17 November 2016 - Houston, we have Christmas! The new El Gordo ad has landed and oh boy is it sappy! Once again the Spanish show us how it's done so have your tissues ready!…more

Never Miss a Jackpot Again!

Everything You Need to Know about Subscriptions

15 November 2016 - Never miss a jackpot again! Meet Lottoland’s Subscription, an exclusive feature for jackpot lovers with busy lives!…more

If Trump Can Win, Surely YOU Can Win!

7 Crazy Things That Prove You Can Win The Lottery

09 November 2016 - What a week! Wonky Toblerones, the All Blacks beaten, snakes on a plane, President Trump – still think you can't win the lottery? Here's proof that you can!…more

Election? Who Cares! Here's The REAL News!

298 Million Reasons To Love America This Week

07 November 2016 - The nastiest election in US history (so far) has turned stomach's worldwide but it's nearly over and we've got 298 million reasons to love America this week!…more

Earned Honestly?

The Fabulous Wealth Of Politicians

07 November 2016 - Ever wondered how much the world's most recognisable politicians have in the bank? Well, wonder no longer - our infographic reveals all. …more

From Silent Movies to Found Footage

The Evolution Of Horror Movies

28 October 2016 - Will you be snuggling up to watch a horror this Halloween? From silent films to modern slashers and spine-chillers we look at the evolution of horrors. …more
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