20 Most Inspirational Movies

Inspiring and Motivating Films with a Positive Message

20 Inspirational Movies that Can Change Your Life

24 May 2017 - Discover 20 of the most inspirational movies of all time. These motivational films have positive messages about people who have triumphed over adversity.
Biggest Lottery Winners in the World

Biggest Lottery Jackpot Wins Ever

The Biggest Lottery Winners of All Time

23 May 2017 - Discovering more about the biggest lottery winners ever. How much was the biggest jackpot lottery prize of all time and where do big lottery winners live?
21 Step Guide to Happiness

How to Make Yourself Happy

The 21 Step Guide to Happiness

18 May 2017 - This 21 step guide to happiness teaches you the techniques and strategies recommended by experts and scientists, to enable you to enjoy a happier life.
Lotter Strategies

Special Features to Enhance your Lottery Betting Experience

Lottery Strategies with Lottoland

15 May 2017 - Special features available exclusively at Lottoland allow you to adapt your lottery strategy. Double Jackpot, Number Shield and Jackpot Hunt at Lottoland.

How Cash4Life Compares to Other Lottos

Cash4Life Payout & Odds

10 May 2017 - Cash4Life is a great new lottery that can be bet on right here on Lottoland. Jackpot winners receive a €1,000 a day payout for the rest of their lives.…more

Win Holiday Vouchers Worth €1,500!

WorldMillions Holiday Giveaway

09 May 2017 - With the WorldMillions Holiday Giveaway Lottoland is giving away 25 prizes of holiday vouchers worth €1,500 each.…more

Jogo do Bicho and Modern Brazilian Lotteries

Brazil Lottery: The Curious Case of the Animal Lottery

03 May 2017 - The history of lotteries in Brazil from the animal lottery (Jogo do Bicho) to Mega-Sena and the Brazil Quina lottery today. …more

Bet Every Day For Just 50c!

Polish Mini Lotto Now 7 Days A Week

02 May 2017 - Our best value lottery just got better. The Polish Mini Lotto can now be bet on 7 days a week, offering amazing betting odds and prizes for just 50 cents!…more

The Swedish Lottery Offers Great Odds of Winning a Jackpot

How to Try the Swedish Lotto from Ireland

01 May 2017 - The Swedish Lotto offers some of the best jackpot odds of any European lottery. Find out more about the Swedish Lottery 'Dream Win' extra jackpot game.…more

Lost Lottery Ticket Stories from Around the World

The Lottery Winner Losers' Club

28 April 2017 - Stories about those unlucky people who lost out on lottery jackpots because their lottery tickets went missing. …more

The Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Top 10 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

26 April 2017 - According to a recent survey of 1,000 Irish adults, one in three people are getting less than six hours sleep per night. Find out how to sleep better. …more

WorldMillions Lottery: €150 Million in Guaranteed Prizes Every Week

WorldMillions: The New Global Lottery for Everybody

25 April 2017 - WorldMillions is the independent lottery from Lottoland offering guaranteed jackpot prizes of €150 Million every single week.…more