Spanish Christmas Lottery online

The World's Biggest, Most Generous Lottery

Spain's Christmas "El Gordo" lottery is world famous, and with good reason.
With a total prize pool of €2.3 billion it's the biggest, most generous lottery on the planet.

30 Million Players Can't Be Wrong!

With €2.3 billion in prizes and an unparalleled 15% chance of having a winning ticket the Spanish Christmas Lottery is the biggest and most famous lottery in the world. More than 90% of the Spanish population celebrates the draw, and their dream of receiving the Christmas gift of a lifetime. Play El Gordo online with Lottoland this Christmas and secure your ticket for a chance at the rush of winning the Spanish Xmas lottery.

Your Wonderful Life Starts On December 22nd

Families, friends, entire Spanish villages and districts, not to mention a sizable huge chunk of Europe celebrate the Spanish Christmas Lottery draw. The draw itself is an annual highlight in Spain that people look forward to all year round. The country grinds to a halt as the draw is viewed in homes, restaurants, taverns and town squares across the country. Not even the World Cup can compete! All eyes are on the grand prize, El Gordo (“the Fat One”), which can appear at any time. So, for three hours, Spaniards stay glued to their screens.

€2.3 Billion in Prizes - And Incredible Winning Odds

With unmatched 1 in 100,000 odds of winning a €4 million jackpot with each ticket bought, this Spanish lottery has long since become a global phenomenon. Even winning one of the 1,794 smaller prizes, worth €1000 each, makes for a rather lavish stocking filler. Additionally, there are over 10,000 other prizes worth between €50 and €200 which account for the remainder of the prize money. In total, more than €2 billion will be paid out to lottery players each year.