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About French Lotto

French Lotto

France's official lottery draw takes place three times a week, offers great chances of winning (with a 1 in 16 chance of winning any prize) and boasts minimum jackpots of at least €2 million! It's the most popular draw in France and it gains momentum quickly with three draws per week.

Three Chances Each Week To Win Big!

The French Lotto is drawn every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at around 8.30pm CET (4.30am AEST / 6.30am AEDT), meaning the jackpot grows 50% faster than lottos that only offer 2 draws per week.

Bonne Chance!

To play, simply select five numbers from the main pool of 1-49 and a lucky number from a further pool of 1-10. To win, you have to match all five numbers and the bonus ball.

Hitting the French Lotto Jackpot

Match all five main numbers and the lucky number to hit the jackpot. The French Lotto offers eight additional prize divisions, ranging from matching just the lucky number to matching all five numbers, which is why the chances of winning a prize are so high.