German Lotto Help & FAQ

It's one of the biggest lotteries in Europe, but for a very low price per line. It's also got huge jackpots, ten different prize tiers and a total of three additional bonus games – all in all making 6 aus 49, aka the German Lotto, a world champion lottery.

The name 6 aus 49 literally translates as six out of 49. So once you know the name of the game you already know how to play it – how's that for German efficiency?

Once the main six numbers are drawn another bonus ball is drawn. This number corresponds to your pre-existing ticket (or serial) number. There are also up to three bonus games; with two raffle games drawn on Wednesdays and three drawn on Saturdays, for even more ways to win.

How does betting on the German Lotto at Lottoland work?

Instead of entering the official 6 aus 49 Lotto draw, you place a bet on the outcome of it. You pick the numbers you think will be drawn in the same way as if you had entered the official lottery draw. At Lottoland, you win the same prize money for each prize tier that the official lottery operator offers, including the jackpot, and you receive your prize money as if you had actually played the official lottery.

How do I choose a line and place a bet?

As its name suggests you simply choose six numbers from a range of one to 49 or select the QuickPick option (Quick+1) to choose your numbers at random. After this simply click Submit. This will take you through to a checkout. Take a moment to review your order then, when you're ready, click Confirm and proceed to place your bet on the German Lotto.

How do I win the Jackpot?

On the night of the draw six regular numbers are drawn, followed by a Superball. To hit the jackpot you must guess all six regular numbers plus the Superball number correctly.

Can I win all the same prizes betting on the draw with Lottoland?

Yes, you can win all the same main game prizes betting on the draw with us as those available in the official draw, including the jackpot.

How much does it cost to play?

A single line costs just €1 while a line with the DoubleJackpot feature costs €2. Be sure to check to see which bonus games, if any, you wish to play as these, too, cost extra.

How much can I win?

The minimum base jackpot is €1 million. Jackpot sizes increase with regular rollovers though unlike many lotteries there is no jackpot cap. The current record jackpot is €45.4 million.

How does the DoubleJackpot feature work?

The DoubleJackpot feature allows you to bet for twice the official lottery jackpot. So, for instance, if the official German Lotto Lotto draw is €10 million and you bet on the outcome with us and activate the DoubleJackpot feature, you can potentially win €20 million.

You will pay double the price of your normal line to activate the DoubleJackpot feature. So, if you wish to bet on German Lotto Lotto with this feature you pay €4, instead of €2.

When is the German Lotto draw?

The 6 aus 49 German Lotto draw takes place each Wednesday at 6.25pm German time (5.25pm GMT) and Saturday at 7.25pm German time (6.25pm GMT). You can find the latest as well as previous Winning Numbers on our German Lotto Results page.

What are the odds of winning the jackpot?

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 95,334,200. A breakdown of all the odds for each prize tier, together with estimated returns, is included with the next answer.

How Important Is the Lottery Ticket Number and How Is it Determined?

The lottery ticket number is an integral part of the German Lotto. On the physical printed tickets that they sell in Germany you will find this number pre-printed. They act much like the ticket's serial number and influence both the main game and the three bonus games.

At Lottoland we use the same number set and random number generation algorithm used on German Lotto tickets for our digital tickets. These are also independently audited to ensure they provide precisely the same number range and odds at all times.

How Does the Bonus Ball Work?

The Bonus Ball is drawn after the primary six numbers of the main lotto draw are drawn. The Bonus Ball is required to win the German Lotto jackpot and the number corresponds to the last number of your ticket number.

One advantageous option that Lottoland offers, that physical ticket players in Germany can't avail of, is the ability to select the last digit of your ticket number. So, in other words, if you do want to change your Bonus Ball number you can.

How Do The Extra Games Work?

Spiel77 – or Game77 in English – is the first of three available raffle draws. The game corresponds to all seven digits of your ticket number and the numbers must not only match, they also need to be in the same order as the drawn numbers to win.

Match all seven in the right order to hit the rolling jackpot, which starts at a minimum of €177,777 and, with rollovers, often exceeds one or two million. There are also six other prize divisions to be won, with fixed values. Second prize is won by matching the last six numbers in the right order, to win €77,777.

Super6 works in pretty much the same way as Spiel77, but only six numbers are drawn. These numbers correspond to the last six digits on your ticket number. Once again you need to match the right numbers and they must be in the same sequence as those drawn. There are six fixed value prizes, starting with a guaranteed jackpot of €100,000.

Finally, The GlückSpirale (literally translated as "lucky spiral") is the last of the three German Lotto bonus games. The GlückSpirale draw takes place on Saturdays only, so players should note that if they enable the GlückSpirale option for a Wednesday draw they will, in fact, add this option for the upcoming Saturday draw.

As with the other two bonus games the GlückSpirale is based upon your ticket number and you must match both the numbers and the order of their drawing to win. Simply matching the last number on the GlückSpirale will win you €10 (approx. $15). All prize divisions have fixed values. Getting the last six numbers in the correct order will win you €100,000.

Most exciting of all, however, if you're lucky enough to match all seven numbers you will win a monthly prize of €7,500 paid out each and every month for life. Just the ticket if you're looking for an easy and early retirement!

Can you explain the different prize tiers available?

The table below explains the different prize tiers, odds of winning each prize tier and the estimated individual returns for each prize tier.

The information below is provided as a guide only.

The estimated returns are based on the results from Wed, 25th May, 2016.

Prize Category

Winning Odds

Estimated Returns

6 numbers + SuperBall

1 : 15,537,573


6 numbers

1 : 542,008


5 numbers + SuperBall

1 : 60,223


5 numbers

1 : 10,324


4 numbers + SuperBall

1 : 1,147


4 numbers

1 : 567


3 numbers + SuperBall

1 : 63


3 numbers

1 : 76


2 numbers + SuperBall

1 : 31


Spiel 77

Prize Category

Estimated Returns

All Seven Ticket Number Digits


Last 6 Ticket-Numbers


Last 5 Ticket-Numbers


Last 4 Ticket-Numbers


Last 3 Ticket-Numbers


Last 2 Ticket-Numbers


Last 1 Ticket-Number


Super 6

Prize Category

Estimated Returns

Last 6 Ticket-Numbers


Last 5 Ticket-Numbers


Last 4 Ticket-Numbers


Last 3 Ticket-Numbers


Last 2 Ticket-Numbers


Last 1 Ticket-Number



Prize Category

Estimated Returns

All Seven Ticket Number Digits

€7,500 per month

Last 6 Ticket-Numbers


Last 5 Ticket-Numbers


Last 4 Ticket-Numbers


Last 3 Ticket-Numbers


Last 2 Ticket-Numbers


Last 1 Ticket-Number


What do I do if I win?

If your account has been verified, simply proceed to your account and withdraw your winnings. If your account has not been verified you will first need to provide proof of your ID and proof of address. Once this has been confirmed you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

Are my winnings tax free?

You will not be taxed on any winnings for this lottery.

How can I be sure I will get paid?

Rest assured that Lottoland is an established and reputable international lottery betting company. We are fully licensed by the Irish government, and by other countries worldwide. These licences are dependent on our ability to guarantee all payments to winners.

Smaller Payments

We make all payouts directly from the fund we have acquired from total ticket sales.

Larger Payments

We take out policies with world leading insurers to cover larger payments.

What is a Subscription?

Subscriptions remove the hassle of manually entering bets on each event and the fear of missing out on a big win. Our Subscription feature allows you to set up a running bet (or bets) on a given lottery draw. The subscription is open ended and will run for as long as you want it too. You can opt out at any time.

Why should I play German Lotto at Lottoland?

The German Lotto offers the second largest national lottery jackpots in all of Europe from just €1 a play. It also offers three different bonus games, including the GlückSpirale, where you can win €7,500 every month for life!