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About Mega-Sena

Mega-Sena – The Largest Lottery in South America!

Join the party alongside 200 million Brazilians in the race to win the biggest lottery jackpot in all of Latin America!

Celebrate Like its Carnival

Mega-Sena gives you a million reasons and more to celebrate with less than half the odds of EuroMillions and jackpots worth up to €90 million! At just €1.50 a line it’s half the price of playing EuroMillions with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of approx. €1,000,000. Match 6 numbers and you’ll be dancing the samba for a week! If you’re looking for a winning lottery that’s fun, fresh and exotic then Mega-Sena’s the lotto for you.

Brazilian Lottery Players love Bolão

In Brazil by far the most popular way to take part in a lottery is in a Bolão or syndicate. Friends, family members, team mates and work colleagues love to form syndicates to try and scoop the big win! A bolão traditionally consists of 2-10 players but may be as big as 100. A share of a bolão is called a cota and if a prize is won then everyone collects their respective shares of the prize.

Mega da Virada – Brazil’s New Year Super Draw

On the 31st of December each year Mega-Sena holds the highly anticipated New Year’s Eve super draw, famous for its enormous jackpots – and even bigger ticket queues!

Unlike regular draws the ‘Mega Da Virada’ doesn’t rollover, so if there’s no jackpot winner the money rolls down to the next prize tier. This, combined with the higher overall prize pool, is what makes it such a popular event.

Choose up to 15 numbers and lift your luck!

Mega-Sena offers great odds when compared to other big lotteries such as EuroMillions, MegaMillions or PowerBall in the US. These odds can be improved even further by picking even more numbers on your ticket – up to 15 in total.

As you can see in the table opposite the odds of winning a jackpot drop considerably the more numbers you pick.

Playing Mega-Sena from abroad

Thanks to Lottoland, Brazilians living abroad can now play their favourite national lottery online. Players can even participate in the Mega Da Virada for a chance to win hundreds of millions of Brazilian Reais. So if you’re looking for a taste of home, and something to brighten up the colder climate, you’ll be happy to know that playing Mega-Sena is cheap and easy to play online at Lottoland where you pay exactly the same as you would at a loterica in Brazil!