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About EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot – Europe's Fastest-Growing Lottery

Launched as a competitor to EuroMillions, EuroJackpot is Europe's fastest growing lottery. It's hugely successful on the continent and in Scandanavia, and offers jackpots as high as €90 million every Friday.

Familiar Gameplay At Incredible Odds

Playing EuroJackpot is almost identical to EuroMillions, except the jackpot is considerably easier to win. Simply pick five numbers from a range of 1 – 50 plus two additional EuroNumbers and you could well start the weekend €90 million richer! Not rich enough? Don't forget the DoubleJackpot feature - which can double that win to a massive €180 million!

The Weekend Starts Here!

Every Friday millions of players across 14 countries, from the south of sunny Spain to the snowy shores of northern Sweden, compete for some of the biggest jackpots in all of Europe. The draw takes place every Friday in Helsinki, Finland, at 8pm Irish time. Now you too can join in the excitement, kicking off what might well be your best weekend ever!

Huge Prizes At Incredible Odds

EuroJackpot was specifically designed to take the fight to EuroMillions - and it does so by offering way better jackpot odds. EuroJackpots top prize odds are one in 95 million, compared with EuroMillions which offers odds of 139 million to one. So EuroJackpot is easier to win than EuroMillions and its jackpots can rise as high as €90 million.

Increase Your Chances With A Single Click

Increase your winning chances with our quick and convenient Combo bet feature. Click on more than the standard five main numbers and/or two EuroNumbers to launch this feature automatically. Combo bets will enter all possible number sequences, increasing your winning chances exponentially.

5-from-50 & 2-from-12 Stars Game rules 5-from-50 & 2-from-10 EuroNumbers
From €2 Price per line From €2.5
€15 million Minimum jackpot €10 million
€190 million Previous record jackpot €90 million
DoubleJackpot from €2 Jackpot upgrade DoubleJackpot from €2
1:23 Probability of winning 1:42
Tuesday & Friday approx 8:20pm Irish time Draw Friday 7pm Irish time

Europe's Biggest Lottery