Play MINI Lotto online

About MINI Lotto

Good things often come in small packages. Now you can play Poland’s own MINI Lotto online exclusively at Lottoland. MINI Lotto is by far Lottoland’s most affordable lottery at just 50c per line per play. Pick 5 from 42 to win the jackpot, worth up to €70,000. Play MINI Lottoland and get the best odds of winning a small fortune!

MINI Lotto Systems

Because MINI Lotto is so cheap you can use a favourite way for people to play using lottery Systems. Although Systems are more expensive to play they increase your chances of winning and with lines costing only 50c each you can play more numbers without breaking the bank.

Take a Daily Dip

MINI Lotto draws happen six days week! No waiting around for a big jackpot, every day MINI Lotto pays out a top prize worth €70,000. Because there are no rollovers if no one hits the jackpot all of the other winners get bigger payouts. Sometimes 2nd best isn’t so bad!

MINI Lotto worldwide

You can now play MINI Lotto online from anywhere in the world. Don’t let living overseas stop you from taking part in your favourite lotteries, skip the queue and play MINI Lotto online from the comfort of home no matter if you’re in Lodz or Limerick! If you prefer to play MINI Lotto in Polish, with złoty and promotions geared towards our Polish players please visit Lottoland Poland.