Mini Lotto Help & FAQ

Polish Mini Lotto Help and frequently asked questions. How to play the Mini Lotto, how much to play, rules, prizes, odds and more.

How much does it cost to bet on MINI Lotto?

It costs €0.50 to bet MINI Lotto at Lottoland. Because it’s so cheap to enter many players like to use Combination bets.

Do I pay any taxes or special fees on my winnings?

No, at Lottoland there are no extra taxes or special fees to pay on any of your MINI Lotto winnings.

What are the odds of winning Polish MINI Lotto?

There are 3 prize tiers for Polish MINI Lotto:

Matched Numbers

Odds of Winning











* All prizes are approximate since they fluctuate based on the exchange rate and how many tickets are sold.

What are the MINI Lotto Draw Days and Times?

MINI Lotto is drawn in Poland at 20:40 Irish Time (21:40 Poland Time) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

Can I bet on MINI Lotto from Poland?

Yes you can, from Poland or the Ireland. If you prefer to bet on MINI Lotto in Polish with Złoty please visit our Lottoland Poland website.

What is the Minimum Jackpot?

There is no minimum MINI Lotto jackpot, the size of the prize is based on ticket sales.

What is the Maximum Jackpot?

The biggest MINI Lotto jackpot was for 350,000 złoty, about €82,000 at the time. There is no maximum jackpot for MINI Lotto because it is calculated based on ticket sales.

How can I increase my chances to win MINI Lotto?

Because the price of a ticket is so small, players traditionally like to buy MINI Lotto tickets in ‘combinations’ (also called ‘systems’), increasing their chances of winning by covering more number combinations. You can bet with combinations at Lottoland simply by selecting more than 5 numbers on one ticket.

What is Ryszard Rembiszewski’s relation to Lottoland?

“Mr. Lotto” Ryszard Rembiszewski is Lottoland’s Polish brand ambassador, fulfilling much the same role as Chris Tarrant OBE, but for the Polish-speaking market.

How does MINI Lotto compare to the Lotto?

MINI Lotto is quite different from the Irish Lotto, and indeed any other lottery offered at Lottoland. The price of entry is relatively small as are the prizes (although €70,000 isn’t bad!). MINI Lotto has daily draws with no roll overs – if the jackpot isn’t won the grand prize ‘rolls down’ and is shared by the other prize tiers. MINI Lotto’s jackpot is also based on ticket sales and has no fixed tiers, meaning that there is no minimum or maximum payouts.