02 December 2014

A unique study by Lottoland

Is 13 unlucky? See the shocking results here!

Numbers have held a unique mystery that has fascinated humans since the dawn of civilisation and even before the development of recorded history. Numbers make up everything in the world around us, from the setting of the sun and cycles of the moon, to the changing of the season, the ebb and flow of the tides, and the rings of a tree.

Is 13 unlucky? See the shocking results here!

We know that our ancestors recognised this fact long ago from the evidence left behind in the precise designs of Stonehenge to catch the last sun of the solstice, our records of exact cosmic observations in ancient Babylonia as well as ancient texts such as the Hindu Vedas and the mystical Hebrew numeric system found in Kaballah.

Seven lotteries, thousands of numbers

Each year, thousands of numbers are drawn across the world in international lotteries that pay out billions of euros to the players lucky enough to predict the correct pattern.

Now for the first time, Lottoland has conducted extensive research into the lottery results from draws across the globe to determine whether the winning numbers are truly random or if there are emerging patterns that cut across international borders.

By collating tens of thousands of historical results from seven international 49 ball lotteries (the UK National Lottery, Canadian lotto 6/49, Spanish La Primitiva Lotto, the South African National Lottery, the Polish lotto, German 6aus49 and the Greek National Lottery) the data shows that the lottery ball which is most often chosen as part of the winning combination is 33 and, eerily for the superstitious, the number which is least often drawn is the number 13!

best lottery numbers

The luckiest lottery numbers: 33, 6, 38, 40, 49 and 7

The number 33 is considered a “master” number in numerology, along with 11 and 22. It is the greatest positive integer that is associated with exceptional greatness – Jesus and Alexander the Great both died at the age of 33.

Perhaps in this case exceptional greatness could be the intuition one needs to predict a jackpot winning combination of numbers. In the natural world, a normal human spine has 33 vertebrae and on the Newton scale 33 is the number which water boils at.

In religion, Jesus was crucified at the age of 33 and he is said to have performed 33 miracles. In the Kaballah, 33 is the numerical representation of “Amen” and in Islam prayer beads are organised in sets of 33. Coincidentally, our data indicated that 7 is also one of the luckiest numbers as it has a long reputation in Western culture of being associated with good fortune.

The unluckiest lottery number: 13

Even more curious was the fact that by far, the unluckiest lottery number across the assembled results we examined, was the number 13 – long considered in many cultures to be associated with evil and misfortune.

The basis for 13 being an unlucky number is intimately tied into the revolutions of the earth itself. Our ancestors lacked the precise astrological tools we have today and so erroneously believed that there were thirteen months in a year, rather than twelve. Thirteen is also the number of full moons each year, which then became associated with lunar worship, witchcraft and Satanism across much of Europe. Rumours have persisted of a hidden 13th zodiac sign that will signify the end of the world.

Under the Zoroastrian Calendar 13 is, once again, considered an unlucky number and there are 13 days of the New Year. On the 13th day, called Noruz, many Iranian families will spend the day outdoors so as not to bring misfortune into their home.

Under the Mayan calendar the 13th Baktun, or cycle, was feared by many to herald the apocalypse. The 13th Baktun came and went on December 21, 2012 however leading supporters insist that the calendar has now “reset” and the earth is therefore safe from Armageddon for at least another 5,200 years.

A number of unlucky events throughout history have also strengthened people’s apprehension of the number 13. Amongst many strange misfortunate events:

  •  There was said to be 13 apostles at the Last Supper with the 13th, Judas Iscariot, betraying Jesus
  •  On Friday the 13th of October 1307 the Order of the Knights Templar were arrested, tortured and executed by the King of France
  •  On August 13th and on November 13th, 1970, record breaking monsoons in Asia caused the deaths of over a million people in India and Bangladesh
  •  On Friday the 13th, October 1972, Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashed in the Andes Mountains, forming the basis for the 1993 film Alive
  •  Apollo 13 was the only unsuccessful mission to the moon. The ill-fated voyage into space was marred by a series of disastrous events after an oxygen tank exploded although all astronauts managed to escape alive.

Other unlucky numbers were: 28, 5, 21, 36 and 8.

Is the number 13 really bad luck?

Modern lottery balls are created using the latest technology to give each one the same chance of being drawn, even going so far as using lasers to inscribe numbers so the weight of paint does not skew the results. Nonetheless, the data clearly shows over thousands of lottery draws, in multiple countries, that the number 13 has historically shown up far less than would be expected. Of course this could simply be down to random chance. But, if you are superstitious, you might want to avoid the number 13 on your next lottery tickets – perhaps there is more to this ancient belief than we know!