17 October 2016

A World Of Amazing Lottos To Bet On

The 10 Best Lotteries You've Never Heard Of

We travel the world to bring you all the best lotteries to bet on here at Lottoland. Admittedly, though, most Irish lottery fans haven't heard of half of them! Which is a shame because we've got some real gems. So, with that in mind, we present "the ten best lotteries you've never heard of!"

The 10 Best Lotteries You've Never Heard Of

We're not called Lottoland for nothing.

It's because we've got a whole lotta lotteries! 

So many lotteries, in fact, that it can often feel overwhelming for new players. Generally our instinct is to stick with what we know – which is why our most popular games remain EuroMillions and Irish Lotto.

Though if you're only sticking to these two, great lotteries though they are, you're missing out on a world of other fantastic lotteries each with their own unique perks and benefits. 

For some it's enormous jackpots, for others it's amazing odds or incredibly competitive pricing – and for many more it's a combination of all of the above.

#1: PowerBall

Despite being responsible for the biggest lottery jackpot of all time, topping €1.4 billion in January 2016, America's massive PowerBall lottery is still a relatively unknown lottery here in Ireland. The reason was simple; despite making headlines globally, Irish players had no way to take part. We've changed all that, making its legendary jackpots available for the first time. 

The Bottom Line:

It's the world record holder, the first lottery to ever pass a billion, it's all-American excess at it's very best. We all dream about winning the lottery - and if you're going to dream, dream big. PowerBall's as big as lotteries get, and, with our exclusive Special Jackpot worth €221 million, this week is no exception. 

#2: Polish Mini Lotto

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Polish Mini Lotto. This game has Lottoland's lowest lotto jackpots, but it also has the lowest price and the best odds of winning.

The Bottom Line

The Mini Lotto's jackpots are comparatively low, but then so are the odds. While most lotteries have odds measured in tens if not hundreds of millions your odds of hitting the Mini Lotto jackpot are just 850,668:1. It won't make you a millionaire – but would you argue with winning 50 grand for just 50c per line?

#3: Polish Lotto

So you like nice odds and low prices but still have your heart set on winning millions? Then Poland has you covered once again. The Polish Lotto is growing popularity here at Lottoland, as word of mouth begins to spread.

The Bottom Line

With low odds and a great price the Polish Lotto is tough to beat – your best chance to become a millionaire for €1.

#4: EuroJackpot

The biggest European lottery you've never heard of! It may not be a household name here, like its rival EuroMillions, but this trans-European lottery is still hugely popular. It's played primarily in Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe every Friday and has far better odds than EuroMillions. 

The Bottom Line

It's Friday afternoon, you're on lunchbreak. This is usually when you used to go to the shop to buy your EuroMillions ticket, but, following a big win on Tuesday, the jackpot isn't too hot. This is the time to check EuroJackpot – it, too, offers multimillion jackpots, for the same price – but at lower odds! This week is the perfect time to check it out, too, since we're running a "reload", raising the jackpot back up to its max size of €90 million.

#5: Saturday Lotto

Famous throughout Australia but virtually unheard of here – a situation we'd very much like to remedy. The Saturday Lotto is a straight 6/45 game, just like the Lotto was before the rules were changed. This means that it's also got the same great odds as the old Lotto, but for just €1.50 per line.

The Bottom Line

Multimillion jackpots at fantastic odds and a low price. There's also five other prize tiers to win. Be sure to check out its siblings too, the Monday/Wednesday Lottos, which offers the slightly lower jackpots but at the same great odds and price.

#6: Austrian Lotto

Another great 6/45 game, featuring multimillion jackpots at a great price. We sold this as the ultimate alternative to the Irish Lotto following its revamp last year.

The Bottom Line

Great jackpot odds for just €1 per line – plus the bonus Joker game gives you even more ways to win! This is a great little game that could well have you singing from the mountaintops. 

#7: The Swedish Lotto

The Swedish Lotto is a perfect example of elegant Swedish design. You can go minimalist, or you can get more complicated, it's all up to you. 

The Bottom Line

Mid to high jackpots at our second-best odds, a basic game costs just 50p but there's also a second draw PLUS an extra bonus game giving you lots of ways to win.

#8: El Gordo De La Primativa

You've heard of El Gordo, Spain's massive Christmas lottery, and its baby brother, El Nino, on January 6th. Now meet their cousin, the weekly lotto game that sends Spaniards loco every Sunday.

The Bottom Line

At €1.50 per line El Gordo De La Primitiva offers nine different ways to win. The low-odds, mid-level prize tiers are particularly tasty plus it's the only lottery that gives you a one in ten chance of winning your stake back.

#9: German Keno

Keno veterans and newbies alike have plenty to like about German Keno. A basic game costs just €1 but there's also an extra game for just 75c more. Plus, as this is a casino-style lottery game, you have the added opportunity to raise your stake. The default is €1, but you can also double it, or raise it higher to €5 and €10 increasing the amount you can win.

The Bottom Line

German Keno is the only lottery game where even when you loose, you win. Why? Well due to the game's design if you pick eight or more numbers you're still guaranteed to get some numbers correctly, so you'll get just under three quarters (e.g. 74c on a €1 stake) of your money back! See our German Keno article for more info.

#10: Multi Keno

If you really want to fall down the Keno rabbit hole, however, Poland's Multi Keno is the game for you! It offers a huge range of options plus a bonus game and the ability to raise your stakes by up to 10x. A single game costs just €1 and the bonus Plus game costs an additional €1.

The Bottom Line

Multi Keno gives you great odds and tons of different ways to win – it's also available to every day of the week!

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

If you're tired of never winning anything on the same old game maybe a fresh approach is just what you need. The only question now is what type of game do you want; a multi-faceted game with lots of ways to win, a budget game with great odds, or would you rather go all-in for massive jackpots?! At Lottoland we've got them all! Bet now and you can win big!