Play the Swedish Lotto Online

About the Swedish Lotto

Play The Swedish Lotto – “The Winner Takes It All!"

From Abba to Ikea, Vikings to Volvos – Sweden sure has given us some interesting exports over the years. Now, thanks to Lottoland, you can enjoy yet another exciting Swedish creation, the Swedish Lotto.

The Swedish Lotto is a great all-round lottery.
It offers hefty jackpots for a small price, with a single draw quick pick costing just 50 Cent!

With incredibly low jackpot odds it's also your best bet for winning millions. Best of all you also get the chance to participate in three different draws for only €2, less than the price of a single EuroMillions ticket.

Swedish Lotto Jackpots - “Money, Money, Money!”

The highest jackpot to date on the Swedish Lotto is just over €25 million. The Swedes call their jackpot the Drömvinsten, or “Dream Win.”

It’s “always sunny in the rich man’s world!”

Extra Games – “Here We Go Again!”

Mamma Mia! It’s time for another draw!

The Swedes aren’t just great at crafting catchy pop songs. They’re also the masters of functional design – and the Swedish Lotto is no exception.

They’ve managed to pack two draws (Lotto 1 & 2) plus an additional bonus game into one sleek package. Plus they do this twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, to ensure the wins go “on and on and on!”

“When All Is Said And Done”

The Swedish Lottery offers a whole lot of wins and added features for a low price making it ideal for lottery enthusiasts of all stripes. If you fancy playing a simple Quick Pick game it costs just €0.50 a ticket. If, on the other hand, you’re a lotto pro looking for a multi-faceted and feature-rich game the Swedish Lotto gives you lots of added options to explore and lots of different ways to win!