01 July 2016

US Retailers Brace For MegaMillions Ticket Blitz

American Record Jackpot For July 4th Weekend

A perfect storm is forming. In a year that will already go down in lottery history we're looking at yet another record jackpot. MegaMillions mayhem has struck stateside and the timing couldn't be more dramatic. It's the Forth of July weekend, a boom time for retailers when lottery ticket sales increase considerably. Put it all together and we could well be looking at the second big American lottery upset of the year.

American Record Jackpot For July 4th Weekend

This Monday is Independence Day, America's flagship holiday. A time of feasting, frivolity and plenty of fireworks. Everywhere you turn it's stars and stripes forever, flags flying, mouth-watering aromas floating skyward as millions of dads tend to their barbeques under the blazing summer sun. Though not everyone has a chance to relax and put their feet up – not yet, at any rate.

All across the nation, in every convenience store, liquor store, supermarket, deli counter and kiosk, clerks are working double-time and MegaMillions lottery tickets are being sold in massive numbers. Even those who rarely, if ever, play lotteries can't resist the allure of this Saturday's $415 million jackpot.

Consumer Trends Point To Record Sales

MegaMillions sales are always strong at this time of year. There's always a feeling of excitement and anticipation in the run up to the holidays and, as they clamour to pick up last minute items, American consumers, feeling positive and patriotic and eager for a taste of the American Dream, are snapping up tickets at a rate of thousands per minute. Come quitting time today this is only going to intensify.

This consumer trend is also evidenced by previous MegaMillions jackpots from the same period, the largest of which, from back in July 2004, was worth $294 million.

This weekend's MegaMillions jackpot is bigger still, the lottery's third biggest overall, and the tenth biggest in the world to date.

MegaMillions Jackpot Records:


$656 million

March 2012


$648 million

December 2013


$415 million



$400 million

March 2014


$390 million

March 2007

Record-Breaking American Jackpots

Until January's world record-breaking PowerBall jackpot, worth $1.586 million, MegaMillions held the top world record jackpot, worth $648 million, dating back to December 2013.

Lottery experts are quick to point out that this weekend's $415 jackpot is still a far cry from either of those records, though they're missing the point here.

There's a huge difference between lottery sales immediately before and after Christmas, when the majority of American household are carefully budgeting their holiday spending, versus the peak of summer when everything feels bright and sunny and they're more inclined to spend their spare change on lottery tickets. And, with both of America's large inter-state lotteries boasting huge jackpots this weekend, we could be looking at record-breaking ticket sales too.

So, What Happens Next?

MegaMillions rollovers occur at a bare minimum of $5 million (approx. €4.5 million) but, unless the jackpot is hit (which is certainly likely given current demand) the rollover amount will be significantly higher.  

In other words, there's two ways this Forth of July MegaMillions frenzy can go:

  1. The huge increase in ticket sales over the July 4th weekend results in a win.
  2. Ticket sales boost the rollover value to the point where it approaches, or even exceeds, the current $648 million MegaMillions jackpot record.

In the case of January's PowerBall jackpot, one rollover saw the jackpot increase almost two-fold. Then, with the next rollover, that amount almost tripled.

So one more rollover will likely see MegaMillions beat its own record and, if there's a second, MegaMillions could well tip the billion-dollar mark and perhaps even regain the jackpot world record again.

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American Record Jackpot For July 4th Weekend

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