04 October 2016

Real Ways To Boost Your Chances

How To Win EuroMillions

[UPDATED: October 2016] Since its launch in 2004 the EuroMillions draw has made 335 Europeans millionaires.

With that in mind, what methods and strategies are there that might help you join this particular millionaires club?

How To Win EuroMillions

When it comes to taking part in the EuroMillions, you’re going to need a huge dose of luck. But there are also a few ways to make your own good fortune.

Lottery Groups / Syndicates

Syndicates have been popular for almost as long as the lottery itself, for the simple reason that they give participants a much bigger chance of banking the jackpot, thanks to the additional numbers they can choose.

If one of the team has the right picks, then everyone splits the winnings and goes home very happy indeed.

Syndicates are very popular amongst co-workers, as the collective desire to not get up at 7am, or have team building weekends is a great motivator.

If you don’t fancy sharing any potential winnings, experts suggest that a smarter tactic for the EuroMillions is to avoid buying a ticket every week, and to save up for the big headline draws.

This way you replicate the syndicate model for the big draws.

Embrace The Quick Pick

We humans can be a superstitious bunch, and a large percentage of lotto hopefuls pick 'lucky' numbers, such as 7 (or even apparently unlucky ones like 13!), or go for significant birthdays. This does however, have its disadvantages. While they are no more or less likely to come up, if they do you run the risk of sharing that jackpot with a lot more people.

And we don’t want that now, do we?

A quick pick generates a totally random set of numbers, that are statistically no more or less likely to be drawn than any other, but are going to be a whole lot more unique.

Research has shown that if your selection consists purely of numbers under 31 you are far more likely to have to share your winnings, than people who choose from the full range of available numbers.

Take part with Lottoland

Every year millions of euros worth of EuroMillions winnings go unclaimed. Why? Tickets get lost, people forget to check the results and life sometimes just gets in the way.

With Lottoland everything's done automatically, there are no tickets to loose and no numbers to check. If you win, you'll be notified automatically, unless you win over €10k, in which case we'll call you to congratulate you too. And if you're lucky enough to scoop the jackpot we'll also invite you to an official awards ceremony!

Remember The Jackpot Cap

The EuroMillions is capped at approximately €190 million, and can only stay at that level for two draws. After this, should nobody have the full set of numbers, this vast sum of money is given to the 2nd prize tier winners.

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160, a huge amount, whereas the odds of winning the 2nd prize tier is 6,991,908 to 1, still high, but a significant difference I'm sure you'll agree, so bear this in mind the next time this scenario occurs, it might be a good time to buy a few more lines.  

“Hot” Numbers

As we know, every ball and every sequence has the exact same odds of being drawn as every other. Despite this, some numbers appear far more frequently than others, for reasons unknown.

With the EuroMillions, number 50 has appeared more times than any other, while number 46 has been drawn 42 times less.

Many lotto participants like to select more common numbers, as history tells us they are more likely to appear, however with this strategy you do run the risk of sharing out the jackpot.


Now we’re not saying this will have any statistical impact on your fortunes, but 50% of winners come from either France, Portugal or Spain. It seems as though it’s not just the weather they’re luckier with.

With these facts and tips in mind, it’s no better time to get yourself ready for this week’s EuroMillions draw!