11 May 2016

Not Your Garden Variety Lottery Operator

Lottoland - How It Works

Still running to the shops to buy tickets? Stay home and relax instead. Introducing Lottoland, a whole new way to experience the lottery. Learn all about the world’s best lotteries, how you can play them and how you can win the biggest jackpots on the planet. If you're new to Lottoland this article will quickly get you up to speed. 

Lottoland - How It Works

Welcome to the online lottery revolution!

Lottoland is the pioneer of lottery betting, a smart, secure and hassle-free way to play lotteries online. More importantly it affords you the opportunity to play for the world’s biggest jackpots and win the exact same amount as if you were to play the lottery direct.

Learn How To Play The Lottery Online With Lottoland

Play Foreign Lotteries

To officially play foreign lotteries you generally need to be a resident of the host country, otherwise you can’t collect the jackpot. Before we arrived on the scene the only way to collect a foreign jackpot was through online ticket agents who would buy tickets and collect winnings on your behalf, before passing them on to you. Bit of a grey area that one, and difficult to regulate properly.

With Lottoland, on the other hand, you bet on the results through us and we pay out directly. Basically we act as bookmakers, albeit ones who only take on high-value lottery bets.  

We are a fully licensed betting operator, with massive multi-million wins underwritten by major insurers so you have a rock-solid assurance that all winnings will be paid swiftly and securely.

Learn More About How Lottery Betting Works

The World’s Best Lotteries

Alongside local favourites like the Irish Lotto and EuroMillions, you can also play the UK Lotto, as well as all the top European and Australian lotteries. These range from cheap and cheerful products like the Polish Mini Lotto (at just 30c per line!), to elaborate Keno games where you can up your own stake to win big.

You can also play for the biggest jackpots of them all, America’s epic PowerBall and MegaMillions lotteries.

We currently have 24 playable lotteries here at Lottoland.ie, and we’ll continue to add even more. By signing up you can also get instant access to our fantastic range of scratchcards, slots and casino games.

See Our Full List Of Lotteries

More Ways To Play

Not only do you get a massive choice in lotteries and other games, at Lottoland you also get more features and options giving you more power at your fingertips. Set up subscription play to make sure you never miss a big draw again. Protect yourself from sharing your winnings with our exclusive NumberShield feature. And, of course, there’s our most popular feature of all, DoubleJackpot.

Not only does Lottoland give you the chance to play for the biggest lottery jackpots of all time, we still want you to win even BIGGER!

See a huge jackpot you’d love to win? A simple slide of a button is all it takes and we’ll double it!

Learn all about DoubleJackpot and Other Exclusive Lottoland Features

Change The Way You Play Lottery – Forever!

Sick of never winning big on the lottery? Then it’s time for a change.

Join the legions of loyal Lottolanders from all over the world who’ve won huge cash prizes.

Our site is simple to use and signup takes seconds, opening up a whole new world of winning opportunities. Just remember, however, that before you can collect any prizes we must first verify your age and identity.

Learn Why Lottoland Needs Your ID Information

You Could Be A Minute Away From Becoming A Multimillionaire

No that’s not an exaggeration – it’s ridiculously easy to signup and play at Lottoland and, if you’re lucky enough to beat those lottery odds, you could end up winning some of the biggest lottery jackpots to be found anywhere!

To get started just click on that Sign in or sign up link on the top right corner of this page.