26 April 2016

How Lottoland Works: Privacy, Payments & Licensing

Why should I trust Lottoland?

Sceptical? You've every right to be. Too often we hear stories of fraud, cybercrime and scam sites with offers that are too good to be true. The lottery industry is a common target for these because who doesn’t want to hear they’ve won large amounts of money?


It's ok to be a sceptic, because it makes it harder for people who are trying to take advantage of you. With Lottoland, however, such scepticism isn't necessary. Yes, we're still relatively new, but we've already paid out millions to our players in other countries. And now we're also fully licensed to operate in Ireland. 

Why should I trust Lottoland?

Is Lottoland Legit?

Yes, 100% so. Lottoland is fully licensed to operate internationally as an online lottery provider. The company is fully licensed by the Irish government, plus other jurisdictions where we operate. Lottoland must therefore be able to prove its financial strength and pass rigorous inspections on a regular basis. 

So How Does It Work Exactly?

When you play online at Lottoland the method of play is the exact same from the player perspective, however the underlying infrastructure is different. With the National Lottery, for example, you can only play specific National Lottery games and large jackpot wins have to be collected in person. Lottoland works differently.

The site is operated by Lottoland but not the lotteries. Instead we provide a lottery betting service. So, when you pick your numbers you're essentially laying a bet via EU Lotto Ltd., which acts as bookmaker, while Lottoland acts on the player’s behalf with regards to payments. (EU Lotto Ltd. is fully licenced and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.)

How Do I Know That Lottoland Will Pay My Winnings?

In addition to careful government regulation Lottoland is also audited by one of the largest accounting firms in the world, KMPG.

Jackpots and other big wins are underwritten by major insurance companies to ensure that we can always guarantee payments to our winners. 

This means that all business transactions on our site have the seal of an independent auditing firm and an insurer that ensures that any prize won on the site is paid in full, be it €3, €300 or €300 million!

All bets you make on our site will be registered by EU Lotto Ltd. on your behalf, and are automatically covered by our insurance. So we are one of the few online lottery providers that can guarantee the payment of 100% of the advertised prizes!

In addition to this we also offer additional services such as DoubleJackpot , which allows you to win double the amount of any given jackpot win.

Why Do I Have To Send In My ID To Lottoland?

This is standard practice. We appreciate that nobody likes to give out their personal information online, and rightly so, however Lottoland is required by law to verify your ID. We do this to firstly confirm your identity and to also ensure you are legally eligible to play with us – i.e. that you are 18 years of age or older.

To achieve this we require all Lottoland players to send in a copy of a valid identity document.

Keep in mind, also, that if you win a prize we can only pay out once you have verified the accuracy of your data, including your bank account. Therefore we always advise players to send the copy of the identity document as soon as possible to avoid delays in the payment of prizes.

Is The Personal Data Sent To Lottoland Protected?

Yes. Once again we are legally bound to take all necessary steps to protect your privacy to ensure both the accuracy and privacy of your personal data. All of your data is stored safely and securely in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

This information is collected, processed and stored to enable the provision of a safe service to all bettors. Your personal information and bank account details will only be used to:

  • Facilitate the payment of prizes
  • Confirm your identity
  • Protect you from fraud to ensure only you can claim your prize
  • Offer you personalized support 

Once you have been fully registered with us you are then free to play the top lotteries from all over the world, safely and securely, and you can then withdraw all your winnings directly from your Lottoland player account to your own bank account. If you still have any questions or comments please send an email to [email protected]. Our support team is happy to help! Happy playing and good luck!