16 June 2015

Win Multi-Million British Jackpots

Play The UK Lotto From Ireland

Ever since the Lotto was launched in 1988 players from the North and mainland UK have been avid players. Even the launch of the UK National Lottery in 1994 didn't put a dint in their enthusiasm. Brits love the Irish Lotto because of its lower cost, better odds and overall prize-winning opportunities – and its for that reason it remains one of the most popular games on our UK sister site.


When it comes to jackpot sizes, however, the UK Lotto has its Irish neighbour beat. The reason is simple; more people means more tickets sold, and that means higher jackpots.


This makes the UK Lotto the ideal choice for both British expats in Ireland hungry for a taste of home, as well as Irish natives looking to sink their teeth into jackpots that the Irish Lotto can't hope to match.

Play The UK Lotto From Ireland

So, get ready. It's time for a lottery lineout - in this article we put both lotteries head to head to see how they fare. Who will prevail, the high-jumping jackpots and raw power of the British, or the tenacious, hard-driving, high-scoring Irish Lotto? 

UK Lotto Facts

The UK Lotto has been running since 1994 and celebrated its anniversary last November. In 2012 the lottery celebrated its 3,000th millionaire. The highest jackpot to date is £42 million (approx. €56.86 million). Draws are broadcast on the BBC and, like the Irish Lotto, are held every Wednesday and Saturday.

UK Lotto Rules

Playing the UK Lotto is easy. In fact, if you've ever played the Irish Lotto then its UK cousin shouldn't present any difficulty whatsoever. The basic game structure is pretty much the same; six numbers are drawn, plus a bonus number. The only difference is that you've more numbers to pick from – six from 49, rather than just 45 for the Irish Lotto. 

UK Lotto Odds & Prize Tiers

The table below provides a breakdown of the different prizes plus their respective odds of winning. The prize amounts in the third column are average prizes and are subject to fluctuation, as, indeed, are the currency conversion rates in Euros.

Play The UK Lotto From Ireland

UK Lotto Vs. Irish Lotto

So, how do these two lotteries stack up? Well as you can see the Irish Lotto is cheaper and has better odds but the UK Lotto wins hands down when it comes to money paid out. (Note that the information in the table below is subject to change, in particular currency exchange rates, which may have fluctuated considerably from time of writing.)Play The UK Lotto From Ireland

Head To Head

So, which lottery are you going to go for this Wednesday?

Well, if you want to play it safe and go for the lottery you know and love, with a comparatively low jackpot of €2 but better jackpot and overall odds, then you can play the Irish Lotto.

But, if you fancy a change, not to mention a chance to win nine and a quarter times as much, a staggering €18.5 million (which, itself, is 4 million shy of the highest ever Irish Lotto jackpot), then it's time to reach out across the Irish Sea and play the UK Lottery from Ireland.