01 June 2016

He Who Dares – Wins!

Seven Life Lessons From Del Trotter

Has there ever been a more loveable character than Delboy? Forgiven for his faults and equally faulty merchandise because he's just so damn positive. No matter what life throws at the Trotters, Delboy always bounces back. And he never looses his faith that one day he'll become a millionaire. The show might be for laughs, but that doesn't mean Delboy doesn't have some serious life lessons for us. So here's seven ways to bring some sunshine into your life the Delboy way – Lovely Jubbly! 

Seven Life Lessons From Del Trotter

What's your favourite Only Fools and Horses moment? (Why not tell us on Facebook?) My personal favourite has to be that famous Batman and Robin scene – no matter how many times I've seen it on reruns it still cracks me up every time.

Fact is Only Fools and Horses has given us decades worth of hilarious and iconic moments. Not only is it one of the most beloved British comedies of all time, it's also arguably the most successful with consistently high viewership spanning decades, from 1981 up to 2003, including the Christmas specials. 

Still, here we are all these years later and we're still talking about it, still laughing at episodes we've seen a dozen times and, of course, still quoting the redoubtable Delboy- "this time next year Rodders…"

Unlike his brother, who has GCSEs in Maths and Art, Delboy might not have much education, but that doesn't mean he can't teach us a thing or two.

1. Know a Good Deal When You See It

Rajah computers, dodgy mobile phones, busted lawnmower engines, exploding sex dolls, combination suitcases with the combinations locked inside – the Trotters have made their fair share of bad purchases over the years. Still, nothing can put a dent in Delboy's wheeling and dealing. Delboy might not have the best track record, to be sure, but, ever the opportunist, you have to admit that he certainly has a knack for sniffing out a good deal.

Lesson: If you see a good deal, grab it with both hands. Like saving 50c by playing EuroMillions with Lottoland! Cushdy!

2. Don't Get Wound Up By Boyce

Everyone knows a Boyce. That one person who's had a little success and likes to rub everyone's nose in it. Del's rivalry with Boyce was one of the cornerstones of the show, but, no matter how much Boyce stirred it up, Delboy never let it get to him.

Lesson: Don't wear yourself out trying to keep up with the Joneses, or the Boyces for that matter. Follow your own life path and always...

3. Be True To Yourself

Delboy, pretentious? Au Contraire, Rodders! Sure, admittedly there have been occasions where Del's got ideas above his station. In "Go West Young Man" he decided to take Boyce's Jaguar out for a drive, with disastrous results. Later, in the episode "Yuppy Love", he decides, after watching Wall Street, to rebrand himself as a financial wizard. Delboy's attempts at appearing sophisticated at a swanky wine bar didn't quite pan out quite as planned, however. Bringing Trigger along as wingman probably didn't help either.

Delboy's attempts at schmoozing the upper class were even less successful. But hey, pomme de terre, as they say in France.

A Touch Of Glass

Lesson: Don't try to be someone you're not – and stay away from expensive chandeliers.

4. Have A Jolly Day Out

Delboy and his cohorts never miss an opportunity to have a little fun. "The Jolly Boys Outing" sees Del and the lads from the Nags Head heading off on their annual coach trip to Margate. As always Delboy leaves a trail of disasters (not to mention suitcases, exploding Albanian radios and a burnt out bus) in his wake but, as always, Delboy soldiers through.

Lesson: Never miss out on a chance to let your hair down and never let anything dampen your sprits.

5. He Who Dares, Wins

In life opportunity is always knocking, but many times we aren't answering. Delboy is different, he sees everything, crisis or not, as an opportunity. This makes him a natural born entrepreneur, someone who is more than happy to take the risk in order to reap the reward.

Lesson: Never let an opportunity slip by! Grab it with both hands - and the best way to do that is with our exclusive DoubleJackpot feature - where you can win DOUBLE the amount of any jackpot! Go on, you know it makes sense!

6. This Time Next Year Rodney…

Delboy's favourite catchphrase has long-since entered the public consciousness. It has become a battle-cry for the embattled, a motto for the optimistic – it is the phrase that sums up Del's buoyancy like no other.

In "Time On Our Hands" nothing seems to be going right for the Trotters, having recently seen their fair share of tragedy. In this, perhaps their darkest hour, Delboy's faith is finally rewarded. By chance James, Delboy's antique dealer father in law, spots an old watch that turns out to be quite valuable. So valuable, in fact, that it sells in Sotheby's for £6.2 million! Of course Delboy, now a millionaire, doesn't miss a beat, he's already got plans telling Rodney, "This time next year, we could be billionaires!"

Lesson: Stay positive, life's a funny thing – you never know when your luck will turn around.

7. Don't Be A Plonker

Despite his lifetime dream coming true Del never let the lure of millions get between him and the people he cared about. In the episode "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Del's old partner Jumbo returns from Australia a rich man looking to renew the old partnership. But there's a snag; Del would have to move down to Australia and leave his friends and family behind. Del's clearly tempted but, in the end, decides to do the right thing and stay in Peckham.

Lesson: Don't let anyone or anything get in the way of what truly matters.

Gordon Bennet!

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