Europe's Favourite Lottery In A Nutshell

EuroMillions: How to Play and Win

04 October 2016 - It's EuroMillions Mania across the entire continent. Learn how to play EuroMillions, get to grips on the rules and odds and, best of all, tips on how to win!…more

The Lotto Guide Part Three

How To Play The Irish Lottery Online

10 August 2016 - In this, the third article in our Irish Lotto guide series we look at how to play the Irish lottery online with full information on rules plus tips on how to win.…more

The Lotto Guide Part Two

Irish Lotto Odds

03 August 2016 - So what is it that makes the Lotto so popular? In part two of our Lotto guide we look at the Irish Lotto odds and how they stack up against other lotteries.…more

The Lotto Guide Part One

Irish Lotto Numbers

19 July 2016 - In the first part of our Irish Lotto guide we look at how the game has evolved, what the most commonly drawn numbers are plus tips on picking numbers.…more

Which Lotteries Give You The Best Chance Of Winning?

Learn Which Game Gives You The Best Lotto Odds

25 April 2016 - All the best lotteries from all over the world are available to play at Lottoland, now we answer the question which lottery gives you the best winning odds?…more

How To Make Smarter Choices

Picking Lottery Numbers

20 April 2016 - The best and worst ways to choose your lottery numbers. …more

Which Approach Is Best?

How To Choose Lotto Numbers

27 May 2015 - So, what's the best way to pick lottery numbers? We take a no-nonsense approach to determine, once and for all, what's the best method.…more

Play lotto with a strategy

Is there any point to playing the lotto with a strategy?

28 April 2015 - The chances of winning the lotto are fixed and such is the random nature that there isn’t a person in the world who can boast a sure-fire system to win the jackpot!…more